Cebu Catering Services

Cebu Best Affordable Catering Services – On Selected Main Coursescebu lechon baboy

Cebu Catering Services offers Affordable Quality Foods served with a smile!
We also offer the best Cebu Lechon Pig! With Cebu Catering Services, you get the best service available anywhere in Cebu.
We offer Catering for weddings, events, gatherings and parties.

Cebu Catering Services

Fish Pork Beef Chicken Noodles Dessert
Breaded Shrimp w/ Chili Hot Sauce  Asado Asado Adobo Bam-i Buko Pandan
Fillet w/ Chili Hot Sauce  Afritada Caldereta  Afritada Chao Patchin Buko Salad
Fillet w/ Mango Chill Sauce  Breaded Pork Chop Calleous  Buttered Fresh Lumpia Chicken Salad
Fillet w/ Sweet & Sour Sauce Breaded w/ Mango Chili Sauce Curry  Casoy Nuts Garden Salad Fresh Fruit
Fish Estofado Caldereta Lengua  Curry 3 Kind Mushroom Fruit Salad
Fried Fish & Tartar Sauce Chop Guisado Morcon Delight Sati-mi Fruity Shrimp Salad
Shrimp Roll Curry Steak Ferdish Whole Spaghetti Macaroons
Shrimp w/ oyster Embotido Stir Fry Galentina Sotanghon Maja Blanca
Steam Fish w/ Mayonnaise Humba Head Use w/ Broculi Glazed Mango Gelatin
Squid w/ Oyster Italian Meat Balls w/ Cauliflower Guisado Mango Float
Sweet & Sour Whole Liver w/  Mango Lemon Mix Veges w/ Thousand Island Dressing
Meat Balls w/ Mushroom Lollypop Pineapple Chunk
Slim w/ Onion Lumpia Shanghai Potato Apple Salad
Steak w/  Stew Sausage Mushroom  Leche Plan
Stir Fry w/  Young Corn Pork Adobo
Sweet Ham Roll
Sweet & Sour Sweet & Sour Fillet
w/ Cauliflower Fillet w/ Sauce
w/ Chili Hot Sauce
w/ Onion

Cater Inclusions (Php 195/head) 50 persons minimum.


  • Tables and Chairs w/ cover
  • Presidential, Buffet, Gift and Cake Table Set Up
  • Purified Water
  • 4 + 1 Main Course from the table menu above
  • 2 Dessert
  • 1 Round Soft Drink (Pepsi Product)
  • No Time Limit
  • Uniformed Waiters

FREE LECHON – Cebu Catering Package

(Php 260/head) 100 persons minimum.

  • Tables and Chairs w/ coveraffordable cebu catering services
  • Presidential, Buffet, Gift and Cake Table Set Up
  • Purified Water
  • 5 Main Course from the table menu above
  • 2 Dessert or +2 Main Course
  • 1 Round Soft Drink (Pepsi Product)
  • No Time Limit
  • Uniformed Waiters

Cheap Catering Packages (60 persons minimum 3hrs time limit)

PACKAGE A @ P 160.00/pax

Pork Hawaian Humba
Chicken Strips
Fish Fillet w/ Sweet n Sour Sauce
Meaty Spaghetti
Buko Pandan w/ Mango
1 Round of Softdrinks

PACKAGE B @ P170.00/pax

Pork Afritada
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Fish Fillet w/ Sweet n Sour Sauce
Fruit Salad
1 Round of Softdrinks

PACKAGE C @ P180.00/pax

Pork Hamonada
Chicken Lollipop
Beef with Mushrooms
Fish Fillet w/ Sweet n Sour Sauce
Sotanghon Guisado
Buko Pandan with Mango
1 round of Softdrinks

190/head Catering Service Includes : 6 Main Dishes, 1 Salad/Dessert, Rice, 1 round of softdrinks, buffet table centerpiece, tables and chairs with covers and accents and complete utensils.

(Pick any 4 dishes from this list )

Fish Pork Beef Chicken Noodles Dessert
Fish Fillet w/ Sweet n Sour Sauce Embutido w/ Onion Chicken Lollipop Bam-i Buko Pandan w/ Mango
Sweet n Sour Whole Fish Afritada w/ Mushrooms Cordon Bleu Lasagnia Fruit Salad
Fish Escabeche Meat balls with Sweet n Sour w/Broculi Buttered Pancit Canton Maja Blanca
Fish Fillet w/ Tartar Sauce Lechon Kawali Calderita Afritada Sotanghon Fruit Macaroni Salad
Calamares Caldereta Lengua Estufado Drummettes Bihon Guisado Chocolate Cake
Squid Stew Lumpia Shanghai Kare-Kare Chili Garlic: Wings Spaghetti Cassava Cake
Camaron Rebosado (Shrimp) Breaded Porkchop Steak Hamonada Chicken Macaroni Salad
Fish Tempura Hamonada Balbacua Pandan Chicken Chiffon Cake
Shrimp Tempura Sweet and Sour Curry Assorted Fresh Fruits
Fish Kinilaw Pork Belly Humba Sweet n Sour Meatball Banana Cake
Mixed Seafood Kinilaw Menudo Stew Fresh Garden Salad
Steak Shanghai Native Kakanins
Grilled w/ BBQ Sauce

Highly recommended items

Services Information:

1.) Reservation fee is required for a minimum of P2,000.00 to be deducted from the total amount of bill.

2.) Full payment shall be made before the start of the function. We only accept CASH PAYMENT.

3.) Service is good for 3 hours from the start of the function. Customer is responsible for compensating waiters and driver if extended beyond 3 hours.

4.) Extra food has been provided to accommodate food service personnel , they can have their meals after guests have been served.

5.) Delivery charge shall be made for venues beyond Cebu, Mandaue and Minglanilla City.

6.) Porterage fee of P500.00 for venues not easily accessible by commercial vehicles.

7.) In the case of lost or damage of any caterer’s equipments not due to handling by the food service personnel a corresponding price shall be charged.

8.) One Elegant Buffet Table can be added for each hundred persons.

100 persons = 1 Buffet Table only

200 persons = Max of 2 Buffet Tables

Additional Buffet Table : P500.00/Buffet Table

9.) One complementary Elegant Presidential Table for a minimum of 100 persons.

Additional Presidential Table : P300.00/Presidential Table

Above packages are inclusive of all the things needed for your special event : Buffet Table with centerpiece, tables and chairs with cover and accents and utensils.

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